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Antropoti is the lifestyle Private Concierge Service for private and corporate clients provided on a temporary, permanent, on-call or seasonal basis.
Antropoti Private Concierge Service offers the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, business services, entertainment services, hospitality, education, fashion and beauty industries, home management and the real estate.
Among the first of its kind to operate on a business-to-business model in Croatia. Antropoti Concierge Service consists of a team of experts with great experiences in completing even the most demanding tasks. Our experience and individual approach help us find out goals and wishes of each of our clients objectively and professionally. We have created a professional team which will satisfy all specific client’s requests. From the moment you arrive at the airport we can have a limousine waiting, perhaps you would like us to organise for a special wine to be cooling at your luxury rental property or maybe you need us to arrange for a personal trainer to plan a personal exercise programme during your stay. We have a complete range of business concierge services; product launches, corporate dinners or just a simple translation service, we will be delighted to help.
Everything is possible. We bring you unique and prestige range of services. When required and in order to meet the requirements of our client`s, we can include other experts from any other field. Our way of doing business gives the best and doesn’t accept compromises. Our vision of the successful business and getting the highest-standard quality services is leadership and organization of the Antropoti Concierge Service.
Discretion, precision and perfectionism are the foundation of our business. With our experience, knowledge and great effort on which our business is based, as well as after long career where we have met clients’ needs and wishes, we have developed awareness of the importance of clients’ personal wishes and needs.
Whatever you need for your arrival or during your stay here in Croatia then it’s just a call away – for every request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Making your stay in Croatia perfect in every detail.
Private Concierge Service is not just a service that we provide it’s a way of the lifestyle we promote.


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